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I haven’t been posting here on lately because I’ve been busy starting a video production company, Grit Visual. Please come on over to and take a look at my updated portfolio, and to contact me for quotes. Thanks for your interest in my work!

Giray Dadali’s Season Video

In the words of Powder Magazine, Giray Dadali is “the nerd engineer younger brother of Ahmet Dadali”. This may be true, but Giray is also the most passionate, hard-working, self-critical, progressive skier that I personally know. Both sharing roots to upstate New York, Giray and I linked up three years ago when I invited him to join for the short film I produced about central Utah’s Eagle Point ski resort.

Last season, we only managed to film one day, but put together a video that quickly went viral in the ski community (due to Giray’s skiing, not my rushed video). After that, we knew that if I put the effort and time into filming and Giray put the effort into the skiing, we could make a video that really turned some heads.

We came out swinging early this season with a few solid days of shooting. We spent long hours in the backcountry. On these days, I sat freezing while Giray sweated as I made him boot pack multiple times in deep snow to get the shot. It was during these days that I began to realize how hard it is to make a diverse ski video. It’s not hard to carry your camera through the terrain park over and over, but it’s really hard lugging that stuff into the backcountry. On a given day of filming in the backcountry (especially when the weather is anything but perfect), I feel lucky to come home with one or two usable shots.

After hitting it hard early in the season, Giray tore his AC joint in early January. This put him out for a few weeks but before he was able to make a strong comeback. Not long after, however, he had a season-ending injury at Bear Mountain when he shattered his pelvis.

With Giray out for the rest of the season, it was obvious that our idea wouldn’t be able to happen. We talked on the phone a few times over the next few weeks but didn’t mention anything about the video. When Giray started to become more mobile, he brought up the idea of making an edit. After telling him we barely have any footage worthy of making a video, he told me about the other people he had spent days with filming this season. Hennie VJ, Evan Heath, Ahmet and Hornbeck, Steve Stepp, and more. Over the next few weeks I started getting random file transfers from Giray of more and more footage of him shot by other people. Slowly, I realized it would be possible for us to make a video.

With so much random footage coming in, I had to find a workflow that I could use for so many different camera codecs and resolutions. Even though most of my footage was shot at 1080p, I decided to work in a 720p timeline so that I could keep full resolution for all shots. Between me being picky about the edit and Giray being picky about what shots were being used, the editing process took several weeks. Finally last week the video was ready to be released. Within a day the video had 10,000 hits and now, a week later, it’s just under 20,000 hits. The video ran on the front page of for three days, was featured on Powder Magazines website, and was features on numerous blogs and forums.

Stay tuned for next season when Giray is healed up and ready to get back at it! Thanks for reading, and thanks to all the contributing video producers that made this happen. Comments appreciated!

Suunto Ambit 2S

I recently worked with the team at Suunto to make a video for their new watch, the Ambit 2S. The goal of the video was to hear why it was such a powerful tool to top level athletes in their training and racing. I spent the weekend up in Ogden, Utah filming some of their best trail running, biking, and triathlon athletes in their element using the watch, and talking about the features they liked. See the video here:

Alta Ski Area Environmental Efforts

Alta Ski Area recently hosted their first ever Green Drinks event, and wanted to share the story of their environmental efforts in a video. They had me come up and interview some of the key people involved in making Alta as “green” as it is. It was fun to work at a resort that I love so much, and learn more than I knew about their ongoing efforts to keep the environment healthy. After all, their entire business model is based on getting “the best snow on earth” every season. It seems like it’s in their best effort to stop global warming.

New Real Estate Films

Here are two recent real estate films shot for Summit Sothebys and Park City Proper. The first listing is in Deer Valley, Utah, and the second is in Promontory, Utah.


2013 Ski Salt Lake Shootout

For the past few years I’ve watched the Salt Lake Shootout unfold from the sidelines of my Facebook news feed; always interested but never knowing too much about it. When my friend Brody participated in it last year, he told me the truth behind the Shootout: Sun-up to sun-down days (sometimes longer), less than ideal skiing conditions, and having to work hard as hell to get enough shots to fill a portfolio in a week.

Intrigued,  I thought it would be a great story to make a video on. People usually see the photos but don’t know much about the sweat and tears that went into making the images by the photographers and skiers alike.

I was excited when Visit Salt Lake contacted me a couple of months ago about shooting some “behind-the-scenes” style videos with some of the teams at the Shootout. I was nervous about the tight deadlines but was hoping I could still portray the struggle that goes into these portfolios. What I discovered was just what I expected: early mornings, hard work, lots of hiking, only a little bit of skiing, and interesting team dynamic. I spent three days out shooting with three teams. Here are the videos for the teams of Mike Schirf, James Douglas, and Jonathan Cracroft:


The videos played at Salt Lake City movie theatre Brewvies before the team’s portfolios on Saturday night. It was fun to see my videos on the big screen. Thanks for stopping by. Check out some other videos while you’re here!

Lole Women White Yoga Session

Lole Women, a yoga company reigning out of Canada, put on one of their “White Yoga” sessions last night during the Outdoor Retailer market. “White Yoga” sessions gather hundreds of Yogis all wearing white, and is a really amazing thing to witness. This event was held at the Utah State Capitol, and couldn’t have been in a more unique place. Yoga superstar Elena Brower was the teacher and did an amazing job captivating the large group.

I was hired by photographer Weston Fuller to come and cover video of the event. The lighting was difficult to work with, but the event was so unique that the shots came out great. Here are some of my shots in the preliminary overnight edit cut by Lole:

Behind-The-Scenes for Repreve X-Games Commercial

About a month ago I went up to Snowbird to shoot behind-the-scenes video for recently launched Repreve, a company making fabrics from recycled material. The focus of the shoot was to capture behind-the-scenes of the commercial they were shooting with professional snowboarder and friend of mine, Elena Hight, which would be debuted at Winter X-games 2013 (happening now).

I shot the BTS with Kevin Winzeler, local Salt Lake photographer and filmmaker. I had a blast skiing around with Elena and the crew from Repreve for the day. I actually almost forgot about it until I saw the commercial on ESPN while watching X-games. Here is the Behind-The-Scenes video, shot by Kevin and I and edited by the folks at Repreve:

And here is the actual commerical. It was shot mainly on an Arri Alexxa and a Phantom Flex for the slow motion shots.

Thanks for stopping by!

Slow Motion Dogs with the Sony FS700

When I went to Denver for Christmas I got a chance to shoot with Image Brew’s Sony FS700. The FS700 is a really amazing camera because of it’s relatively low price point and it’s ability to shoot at frame rates up to 240 in full HD.

We decided to take our dogs to the park and shoot video of them running around. I had no idea how clumsy these dogs were until I watched them in slow motion.

Heath Thurston Athlete Bio: Ironman Triathlete

An athlete profile video shot recently for H2O Overdrive. Heath is a great guy to work with. I’m not sure why anybody would be so passionate about a sport that seems so miserable, but he has dedicated his entire life to it.


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